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Salon Policies

At Lorna Joan Hair Design, I take client Safety & protocols very seriously.

My salon is a safe place and I do my very best to provide my clients with an exceptional one on one service, which is a costly way to do hairdressing.

To be able to operate this and be operational I have set a few policies in place to safe guard my clients, myself, my time and my business. 

In line with government guidance & industry standard practice the following guidance is applicable to all appointments.


Covid-19 has caused massive disruption to the world and it has changed hairdressing.

Cleaning protocols were always in place in salons but they are just more frequent. The salon is cleaned after every service using approved cleaning agents.

There are many hand sanitizers in the salon for client use.

Mask wearing is compulsory during every service and click and collect. Non mask wearing persons must contact the salon prior to prove medical exemption in case of salon inspection as the salon may be reported for not following protocols so evidence is required by the non mask wearer. It is not the objective of myself to discriminate but to uphold the regulations that we have been given by the government in which we can operate.

For all appointments you are required to attend on your own due to restrictions.

For children's appointments, one child and one adult may be present at one time. If multiple children's appointments are booked, it will be one child in the salon at one time. 

In the event that you have covid-19 symptoms your appointment must be cancelled and re-arranged.  This is the case if you are waiting on results too. I have many vulnerable clients in my salon and family too so please be respectful if you have any symptoms.

Skin Testing

Skin testing is a mandatory requirement in my salon and has been for many years. Skin Testing has been upgraded to AAT Allergy Alert Test. It ensures your safety. No colour appointment may be booked without an up to date skin test, this includes toners. Skin test can be booked online under "consultation". If you have never been to my salon and require a colour/toner etc a skin test must be booked first.

If you book a service and you require a skin test, I will contact you and your deposit will be accredited to your account for a future service. 

Due to covid-19 many people are taking skin reactions, even after a vaccine in some cases so it is paramount that safety is first. 

If you have had your vaccine or you suspect you have had covid-19 please make me aware and arrange a skin test. No judgement will be passed.

Due to the natural based ingredients in the Milk_shake brand there may be a food allergy that you may not have disclosed. These are important.

Online Booking

Online booking is an exceptional feature that I have in place for my clients convenience to book outside of hours or without having to contact me.

If you are unsure what to book please contact me. 

If you have selected a service but not paid a deposit then no appointment will be on the booking system.

The deposit comes off your end appointment.

The price that is on the booking system may change depending on the service you require and the length of your hair. Please allow for this.

Cancellation/ Re-scheduling

Cancellation policies are operational in the salon. Any service that is cancelled or changed  within 48 hours is subject to cancellation fee. 

The cancellation fee can be up to 100% and is at the discretion of the salon based on your service booked and when you cancel your appointment. Full terms are on the booking system and are agreed before you place your appointment. I do try not to charge clients but if a big appointment is cancelled or changed within these times it may not be filled thus leaving me with no income for the time you were booked in. 

Covid-19 Circumstances/ severe family emergency will not be subject to a fee. This is the only exception but please remember this is how I make my living, nobody likes to work for free or be at work for 3 hours+ and not get paid. Please value my time as I value your time.

If the cancellation fee/ rearrange fee isn't paid then no appointment shall be given until this is paid. No exceptions.

Refunds & credit

My salon does not provide refunds and refusal often offends. Refunds are not applicable because of product used and we as hairdressers cannot take the product back of someone's hair nor can we take back our valuable time.

If you are unhappy with your hair the hair will be corrected as much as possible.

In these cases the only thing payable is the blow-dry.

During your consultation it is very important to be 100% honest as this is generally the case when people are not happy. I am 100% transparent & honest with achievable goals and expectations. Sometimes it may take a few tries to get to your goal depending on what colour you are or if your hair is coloured.  

Hair health is the number one goal. All lightening services include a bond repair for this reason. I aim to not push the hair beyond it's capabilities in one sitting.

Upon leaving the salon I will make a recommendation for homecare which is very important. Hair colours have less ammonia than previously so using shampoos which contain sulphates can ruin colour services.

If you chose not to use the homecare recommended then no guarantee will be given unless it is to do with application (missing areas). 

Credit will not be given in the salon. Please allow for incurring costs or if you are on a tight budget (zero judgements) please make me aware if this is your situation.


Abusive behavior

I do not tolerate abusive behavior nor should anyone. In the case of abusive behavior or threatening behavior, no appointments shall be given. I am not here to be shouted at. I am a person too.

After each lockdown I have received many abuse on the phone because I do not have an appointment available for that person. This is not acceptable in any work environment.