Image by Yousef Espanioly

Milk_shake Is an Organic based Hair Brand.

It is made in Italy and sources natural Ingredients derived from organic vegetables, fruits & plants.

Some of which are papaya, cranberry, blueberry, barley, honey, strawberry.

Their goal is to provide healthy hair without the use for harsh chemicals.

The key ingredients are amino acids, honey, sunflower & Milk thus a Milk_shake.

The result is shiny hair in stunning condition from root to end.

In there range they have a permanent range which has 117 colours and growing.

They cover 100% grey.

A semi/quasi range which has 50+ colours which can cover up to 75% grey.

A direct range which conditions, shines & adds temporary hair colour.

A retail range which is off the charts with the most lush smells you would ever smell.

I am so proud to educate for them as I adore everything in their brand.

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